The fishing village of Ravni:


The small fishing village of Ravni is situated in Croatia, in the province of Istria, near Labin and the lively Rabac. Ravni is a small picturesque bathing resort, where you can enjoy the azure coloured sea, excellent  food and a superb glass of wine. Ravni lies at the sea and is surrounded by beautiful scenery, where many herbs can still be found growing in the wild. Also the century-old olive trees, which are still protected,  are responsible for turning everything into a magnificent picture. The beautiful country roads will lead you to wonderful bays and old ruins, which can be reached on foot or by mountain bike. If you are a passionate tennis player then you can book a tennis court with the local tennisclub and enjoy a bite and a drink afterwards.

  • Diving in Istria

    In the bay of Sveta Marina, 10 km from Ravni, there are 2 diving schools. Experienced diving instructors will take care of your activities under water. These diving schools organize courses to obtain your diving certificate. If you are an experienced diver, you will be taken to magnificent diving spots, riffs and wrecks to be indulged in great pleasure.

  • Walking and cycling

    Most visitors in Croatia want to spend their holidays near the seaside, enjoy the sun and especially the beautiful clean water. However, Istria / Croatia offers a wonderful surrounding countryside with its green mountains and well-laid out roads where you can walk and cycle. We have excellent cycle and hiking routes that lead you through the splendid mountains or along the coastline to exquisite bays with their ethereal blue water inviting you to take a plunge or a dive. Here you can see a picture of the highest top of mountain Skitaca which is quite near to your apartment Ravni 26. You can also get there by car, if only to enjoy the wonderful view.

  • Art , Culture and other places of Interest

    You will be amazed at the versatility of Istria. If  you are fond of old towns, museums and antiquity then there are lots of trips to make to the surrounding villages and towns.

  • National parks

    Well-known national parks like Brijuni and nature reserve  Učka are statutory protected regions. Other sights are: Labin, particularly the old town centre with its lovely view of the sea is worth visiting.

  • Rabac

    Certainly worth visiting is the fishing village of Rabac which lies within a stone’s throw distance of Ravni. This energetic village offers many touristic attractions and is a “must” for the “young ones” at night!

  • Pula

    Pula, which is not far from Ravni, is a beautiful port and the capital of Istria. Famous for its wonderful mediaeval Arena, Pula is certainly worth a trip. Lovely squares, enjoyable outdoor cafés, gourmet restaurants and shops for those who love going on a shopping spree!

  • Motovun

    From Ravni it is possible to visit the beautiful mountain village Motovun. It is situated in the largest truffle area of Istria. You can enjoy delicious truffle dishes in various restaurants in Motovun.